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CRIME OF THE CENTURY is a modern rock opera written, composed and performed by Arcurus except It's Alright & Have you heard the news: music by Kai and Roger Salloum.
Also introducing Michelle Baynton as Valentina.
Special thanks to Dave Roberts as the spoken voice of Number One & Abraxius.

Peter Fox - the protagonist
The Peter Fox Band - with
Trevor O'roarke - bass & vocals
Quivley McKimba - guitar & vocals
Dimitre Tickletheivorys - keyboards
Sebastian Sharp - drums

Also starring:
Humpy Dampster & The Image Conscious Five (there's only 4 of them) - the hedonistic prima donna rival metal band.
Valentina Willingly - the heroine and damsel in distress.
Abraxius - the antagonist and dark force of corruption.

The Rappers:
Playing the part of a classical Greek theater chorus
J-Blunt - Black American cool gangsta hip hop rapper.
DJ-Shavier - British Indian colorful ethno fashion rapper.
Dieter - Ultra mod German techno rapper ala "sprockets".

Larry Stone - the aging rock star.
David Gerschvwitzsteinman - Peter's brother-in-law / lawyer.
Owen Willingly (he owes them willingly) - Valentina's father and record company president.
Number One - the top man of the dark global elite Cabal.
The Sirens - the sex slaves at the Bohemian Grove.

Crime of the Century is roughly based upon 2 books. They are Tranceformation of America by Cathy O'brien, and The Biggest Secret by David Icke. Set against this backdrop is a story of heroism, courage, love, passion, music, fame, secret societies, sacrifice, sex drugs & rock n roll as a young idealist rock star gets caught up in things much bigger than he realizes.

Crime of the Century Act 3 lyrics


The stage is misty and a group of beautiful young women dressed in wispy chiffon
dresses dance and sway about welcoming guests as they arrive through the gates to
the Bohemian Grove. Peter enters with Abraxius and Owen. He gazes about
guardedly. This scene is even stranger than what he has become used to. Most of
the other guests are older "respectable" looking gentlemen.

Sung by the Sirens

I am here for you
Anything you want
I will do for you
Come down with me
I am not a tease
I am here to please
Come inside Come inside
Let me hold you Let me scold you
Come inside Come inside
My lips upon you Your beautiful Your beautiful
I am here for you
I want to touch you
Wrap myself around you
Come down with me
I am not a tease
I am here to please
Come inside Come inside
Let me hold you Let me scold you
Come inside Come inside
My lips upon you Your beautiful Your beautiful

A feast has been held and Peter has stepped outside to get some fresh air. As he gazes up
at the stars he begins to question who he is and wheat is he really doing with his life.
Towards the end of the song Peter steps into the main lodge to go to bed. As he
wanders down a corridor He hears Owen and Abraxius approaching. Not wishing to
see them he ducks into a door but this happens to be the exact destination of the two.
Peter quickly ducks into a closet where he overhears their conversation.

Sung by Peter Fox

Something in me knows
I have waited a lifetime to live
All that I had is what
I wanted to give
Something in me knows
I am empty without you
I feel the burden to be
Weighs down on me
Nothing matters to me right now
I know what I have to do
I'll find a way to get through somehow
Now all of this is too strange
It turns my head around
It makes me want to hide
And I wonder Who am I


Now we're gonna go fast
Better listen to me
Got a lot on our mind
As we tell the story
Peter's a little unnerved
Like hey what's the deal
Slicing up a chicken
At the start of the meal
It wasn't just the deed
But the way it was done
The thrill of the crowd
Like killing is fun
The girls who brought the feast
All painted in white
Naked and precise
Like shades in the night
So Peter takes his time
And he soon disappears
A space to get away
Until his head clears
But voices down the way
Push the Fox into a room
then the hands turn the lock
See how the Fox can zoom
Into a closet space
As the two step inside
Owen and Abraxius Come to talk and hide
Owen says now I say
With the utmost respect
Better deal with the Fox
Because I detect
A seething annoyance
From our dear Number 1
And you could be hurt
When all's said and done
I hear that the plans
Are now in place
The new reichstaad fire
To bring with great haste
The war that we need
To gain control
Of all the resources
That is ours to hold
The vaccines are ready
For mass genocide
With new microchips
So no one cab hide
We don't need distractions
Let's stay focused now
I hope you get my point
Don't ask why, who, or how
Owen my dear, It's all in my hands
It's all under control
And after tonight
I'll own his own soul
He'll split into pieces
Of that you can be sure
There really ain't much
10,000 volts won't cure
I may not ever get
Any more of his big hits
But I don't really care
I've had enough of this shit
Now as they leave the room
Chills run down his spine
Peter Fox realizes
He's run out of time
It's time to escape
Time to get away
Sneak out the back door
Or he's gonna pay

Terrified by what he has heard Abraxius say, Peter seeks to find a back way out of the
building where he will not be detected. He wonders to the lower levels and starts
peeking inside doors. There he sees some very odd rooms clearly equipped to
satisfy all manner of sexual fetishes. Eventually he comes to a room with a coffin in
it and within the coffin lies Valentina once more in a trance.

Sung by Peter Fox

The art of your betrayal
Took me by surprise
The ice inside my veins
Has opened up my eyes
I think I'll try the backdoor
A rat caught in a maze
I'm wondering ever deeper
And there beneath the haze
Was a room that was black
And another with chains
There was a room made of leather
And another filled with drains
Then I saw a coffin
A voice spoke of genocide
I found a deep dark corner
A place where I could hide
And that is where I found her
Sleeping on a bed
Scarlet wrapped in crimson
And roses on her head
Wake up darling angel
I've come to get you out
But when she looked into my eyes
Her face was filled with doubt

Peter awakens Valentina, who at first does not recognize him as an alternate personality
is in control if her. Peter pleads and does his best to wake her from the apparent

Sung by Valentina Willing & Peter Fox

V - Who are you Do I know you
Have I seen you before
You act as though You know me
Will you tell me more
Who are you I am waiting
Do you hold the key
Tell me What do you want
And that is what I'll be
P - Don't you know me
There's something in your mind
Don't you know me
A distant memory for you to find
Don't you know me
Don't you know me
V - Who are you Do I know you
Have I seen you before
Tell me Can you show me
A pathway to the door

As Peter sings a lullaby to her, Valentina finally comes around and embraces Peter.
Love has overcome the mind control programming.They agree to escape together, but
the untimely arrival of Abraxius foils their plan.

Sung by Peter Fox & Valentina Willing

P - Sweet comfort child
No more time for sorrow
Be still inside
Now is our tomorrow
V - Like a dream
You are Like a dream
So close to me
Don't let this be
A dream a dream
P - Fate has by chance
Brought me here to you
Come take my hand
What did they do
V - Like a dream
You are Like a dream
So close to me
Don't let this be
A dream a dream
take my hand i understand
you are the one lets stay together
i'll be your strength i'll be your guide
i'll always be here by your side
let's fly away into the night
just like a bird on freedoms flight


He unties, he unbinds her
loosens the chords, sets her free
She holds him as he holds her
She holds him as he holds her
He leads her to the doorway
But in comes Abraxius
Darth Vader got nothing on him
Cool and sharp with a sardonic grin
He chides Peter all smart and smug
He steps inside along with a thug
Peter tries to put up a fight
He's some got moves and does alright
So two more come and break him down
They take his feet and take his crown
They tie him up onto a bed
Which rolls on wheels and away he's led
Abraxius smiles and says no fear
Cause very soon all will be clear
We'll fix you up and take good care
Of all the things the gross and rare
This will be your experience
First you gain acceptance
Just relax I'll plug you in
So now let the games begin

Peter has trained in Kung Fu and fights of the first goon Abraxius has brought along, but
two more step in and they subdue Peter. As Peter is being strapped down to the
stretcher Abraxius sings his song with malevolent gloat on his face.

Sung by Abraxius

Sit down look in my eyes
This snake will mesmerize
And soon I will reveal
The shocking and surreal
I will take you deeper
And deeper And deeper
I will take you deeper
And deeper And deeper
To shatter up your mind
The truth is so unkind
What I drink is sour
This is my finest hour
I will take you deeper
And deeper And deeper
I will take you deeper
And deeper And deeper

Outside once more, stands a massive owl effigy. In front of the effigy lies a large flat
stone alter and by the alter stands Number One along with Peter who is now in
trance of his own. Gathered around are all the guests and upon the alter bound
and gagged lies Valentina. Number One is directly behind Peter with his hands
over Peter's who is holding a long curved cruel looking dagger. As he raises the
dagger above Valentina's heart Number One sings his song.

Sung by Number One

Come into my chamber
I have waited so long
What terrors await
Where none can abate
A passion so strong
You tremble in fright
Eyes widen with sight
Of crimson filling the night
You realize And you cry
It's too late I've sucked you dry
The taste of blood The taste of blood
The taste of blood Gives me the power

Humpy Damster, who more or less snuck his way in, has been lingering off to the side.
When he sees what is about to transpire he decides to intervene. He too has real
feelings for Valentina. He manages to find a Humvee with the keys in the sunvisor.
At the last moment before the dagger plunges into Valentina's heart, two happen
simultaneously. Peter overcomes his trance and redirects the dagger into the heart
of Number One and Humpy crashes onto the alter with the Humvee scattering the
crowd. Humpy and Peter grab Valentina and make their getaway to a heavy metal version of
Schubert's Elf King.

Sung by Humpy Dampster

You mutherfuckers
I thought it was a game
Now I know it's you to blame
I never thought to wonder why
But now it's really time that I should say goodbye
You mutherfuckers
I never thought it was for real
I didn't sign up for this deal
I never thought to wonder why
But now I'm glad that I can see you die
You thought you had control
But I should let you know
That I cannot be told
And I have not been sold
I don't know what you are
But now it's gone too far
It's where I draw the line
And I ain't doing time no way
You mutherfuckers
You're trying to play on me
But I am never going to be
Another dog without a brain
Or like a monkey on a chain
You mutherfuckers
Never liked your kind of sleaze
It made me feel like a disease
And even though you made me high
I think it's time you kissed my ass goodbye
You thought you had control
But I should let you know
That I cannot be told
And I have not been sold
I don't know what you are
But now it's gone too far
It's where I draw the line
And I ain't doing time no way
You're all the things I hate
You creeps think you are great
But I will say no dice
To a human sacrifice
I see now what you are
Not human that's for sure
We're gonna get away
To breath another day

This is Schubert's Elfking done instrumentally in a slightly tongue in cheek heavy metal version. Guitars take the melody lines in harmony.)

The stage is bare. A single white overhead light shines upon Peter who is crouched over
with head bent down. A piano and guitar set a gentle mood. Peter rises and
begins to sing. Halfway into the song a majestic guitar solo changes the mood and
all the players enter the stage. In a triumphant chorus they all sing the final verses
together holding hands bringing a joyful mood of unity to the audience.

Sung by Peter Fox

I've lived my dream
And through it all
I've kept my faith
Even when my back was against the wall
I've no regrets
The things I've seen
If I had a choice
I swear I'd do it all again
This trial by fire
Has made me what I am
Now nothing can break me down
No nothing will ever break me again
What did you find
What did you find along the way
What did you find
What did you find to blow your mind
Did you try
Did you try to change the world
Did you try
Did you save the human race
Make this a better place
Everyone knew your face
Give me just a little space
But the crime you see
The lie so big
All for control
See how they fall
The place to start
Would have to be
Number 7 on the BBC
And in the end
It's all the same
Through this illusion
Still glad that I cams
And through it all
I've come to see
That all the roads
Lead back to me

Dear listener, if you are reading this, congratulations and thank you for listening through to the end of this rock opera. In case you have not figured out yet what the "Crime Of The Century" is, it is of course the destruction of the twin towers and building 7 on September 11 2001.
It astounds me that apparently intelligent grown adults can watch these huge towers disintegrate into dust in mid air while falling at close to free fall rates and actually believe that jet fuel melted steel and that this is a natural occurrence. In the case of WTC 7 it was not even jet fuel and the entire building collapsed at free fall in it's footprint 26 minutes after the BBC came on air live and announced this event.
Wake Up!!!
9/11 was a Mossad run Israeli operation, carried out with the help of the Bush cabal insiders. Just follow the money.
On this page only you will find a link to many, certainly not all, videos that show you the truth. Once again, wake up, arise and be slaves no more.