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Coming out of high school Arcurus formed his first band YOY in the early 90's.
YOY enjoyed success with a small and loyal local following. Their first demo was
featured on local commercial radio CFUN's "HOME GROWN
TALENT" segment, and the song ELECTRICITY reached number 8 on local
College station CITR. It was also during this time that Arcurus attended the University of
British Columbia and earned a Masters degree in Music Composition. YOY broke up in
1995 due to ":musical differences" (where have we heard that one

Arcurus was immediately recruited by the Band CRYSIS who had management based in
San Jose CA. and a record deal with Indie Label MAD DOG RECORDS. CRYSIS went
into the studio to record METABOLIC STATE with Arcurus penning 6 of the 10 songs.
Both GIVE YOUR LOVE TO ME and WIDE BLUE SEA by Arcurus reached the top
20 spots in over 70 College stations across the US and Canada GIVE YOUR LOVE TO
ME reached the number 1 most requested song 5 days running on Vancouver's
CFOX radio "Furious Five at Five". Arcurus spent the next 5 yearsv touring
across Canada and the West coast of the US with CRYSIS. Professional hitmaker Andre
Pessis (Walking on a Thin Line- Huey Lewis and the News, Just Take my Heart-
Mr. Big) heard the music of Arcurus and was impressed enough to invite him 4
times to co-write songs at his home studio. CRYSIS released one more EP, MOLO
CHOLO, with Arcurus penning 4 of the 6 songs. At their peak of popularity
CRYSIS was selling out 5000 seat arenas in Spokane WA. Reno NV and the Bay Area
CA but by 2000 it was clear to Arcurus that Crysis was not going to sign any major label
deal or go beyond their current situation. He and the band parted ways and Arcurus began
work on some solo projects.

Arcurus' s first solo project was CRIME OF THE CENTURY THE ROCK OPERA
which was the realization of a life long dream. This 36 song 2hour and 15 minute epic
masterpiece spans numerous pop genres and introduces several heretofore unseen
concepts. For example the old classical operatic "RECITATIVE" has been
modernized into a "RAPATATIVE" where the spoken word advances the plot
line. The concept of Leitmotif is also used but rather than a particular theme representing
a character a musical genre does the same, for example a Humpy Dampster song will
always be heavy metal, Abraxius is always Reggae based, and Trevor O'Roarke is
represented by Jazz Fusion crossover.

After CRIME OF THE CENTURY Arcurus took a bit of hiatus from music to focus on
other areas of his life but in 2010 he watched the film THIS IS IT and became deeply
inspired by the genius and talent that was Michael Jackson. This triggered a flurry of
song writing that eventually became CALL TO REASON, released in 2012.

now some four years later Arcurus has further ventured into a new style of pop music he
likes to call NEW PSYCHEDELIC ART MUSIC with the release of his third solo album

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