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Welcome to the NEW PSYCHEDELIC ART MUSIC of Arcurus

Textural, highly melodic, lush harmonies, widely varied sounds, layers of color
and intricate attention to detail are just some of the elements that make the music of arcurus.
Like an artist with a blank canvass, Arcurus uses sound to paint multi layered works
color, texture, dynamics and rhythm. His music cannot be easily categorized into any
conventional style as it is music with no boundaries. In the truest sense of the word
Arcurus is a composer who will write the perfect high energy rock track and jusxtapose
that next to a reggae backed midtempo love ballad followed a dark textural Pink
Floydish style mood song. Listening to just one or two tracks will not give you the full
scope of his music, each song is an adventure to itself and no two sound the same.
In a sense each song is a mini symphony carrying the listener on a musical journey
exploring themes of love, the meaning of life, our multi dimensional selves, spirituality
and sometimes simple joy and fun.
The lyrics of Arcurus work on several levels and to fully understand many of the
meanings, I would suggest one needs to have a good understanding of the world of the
"truth movement", "conspiracy fact" and the idea that we may live in a kind
of illusory matrix of frequency energy. Or maybe not!

So welcome to the magical music that Arcurus has gifted to the world, and feel free to lose yourself in the sea of sound that awaits.

What others are saying about Arcurus.

"KNOWLEDGE is the kind of of album that grabs you, carries you away with a flurry of moods and intensities, and leaves you wanting more.." AARON ROCHE ~ SPILL MAGAZINE ~

"Loved it from the start to the end! Excellent 80s vibe mixed with some Imagine Dragons/Panic at The Disco great groove. The use of the synths is sheer heaven! Congrats." Randy Berlin ~ NHP Music ~

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